"Her bright abstract works come to life on the page, bringing with them senses of dense, forested jungles, swirling rivers, the laugh of a child." - Paige Ferro, Holter Museum of Art


Artist Statement

"I hunt for a rapid instinctual affair of building on a surface. 
A reckless advance in the studio, brush and fingers consort for color. Ride my marks; dive into the mood; my work builds fast and reacts.  My gestures are impulsive yet satisfied with impermanence. 

I want the viewers to let me steal a moment of their gaze, let time drift, float around in the complexity of my layers, discover a new path each time they travel among them. I want to impose a sense of wander and singular fascination with this moment, this unique moment. "



Recent Appearances

The Art Space Gallery
9.17 - 12.20 - 17 W. Placer Ave. Helena MT
open sometimes 9-3

First Interstate Bank Gallery
12.18 - 3.19 - 25 E. Lyndale Ave., Helena MT

TenMile Creek Gallery  
12.18 - 3.19 - 48 N. Last Chance Gulch, Helena MT
Events 2.20 5-7p, 2.24 2-4p

Nicholson Gallery, Holter Museum of Art
10.17-12.17 - 12 E Lawrence St., Helena MT

Free Ceramics, 'This is Helena'
Annual group exhibition

First Friday Interactive Event
(for all ages) @ Holter Museum of Art

3.4.16 - 12 E. Lawrence St. Helena MT

Aster Fine Restaurant, solo exhibition
2.16 - 4.18 - 22 N. Last Chance Gulch, Helena MT


Ongoing Engagements

StoneTree Climbing Center Gallery
7.16 - ongoing - 1222 Bozeman Ave. Helena MT

Prickly Pear Land Trust, Benefit Auction
9.28.18, premier live auction & promotional cards

St. Peter’s Health System, Benefit Auction
10.12-16, Annual Benefit Auction

Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies of Montana
Annual Benefit Auction, key promotional cards

Holter Museum of Art, Benefit Auction
Annual Auction & volunteer efforts

Downtown Helena Fine Art Walk
11.12 Nature’s Topicals, 23 N. Last Chance Gulch
11.15 Buzz Boutique, 424 N. Last Chance Gulch
11.16 Exit Realty, 849 Great Northern Blvd.
11.17 The Art Space Gallery, 17 W. Placer St.  

Tutty's Therapeutic Touch
6.15 - ongoing - 1125 Missoula Ave. Helena MT


Figure Drawing with Tim Holmes' 
studio sessions, Helena MT
- seasonal workshops since 2012

Residency, Virginia Commonwealth University,
Graduate School of Art, Richmond VA

- summer 2008

Mentorship with Kassem Amoudi, Fine Arts professor
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Camden NJ

- summer 2007-2008, ongoing


Extended Studio Intensive, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia PA
- summer 2007 

Bachelor's of Art degree, Fine Art, Commercial Design, Walla Walla University, College Place WA 
- summer 2003 

More Details

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