Happy to be the Holter's Artist of the Month in April's newsletter!

April has always been good to me. The smell of green plants muscling out of wet soil, or the surprise rain showers or wicked winds all get me. My plans for sunshine soaking runs through the mountains and long hot floats down rivers gain momentum. I was born this month too. 
Thanks Holter Museum! 

Site Launch!

Happy to say I'm nearly on my way to a full site update. 
Blog posts and a downloadable pricing sheet are in the works. 
Hope you are having a lovely day! 
- Warmly, Leah

First Friday at the Holter Museum of Art

I've had the wonderful opportunity to interact with some of Helena's finest small (and grown-up) people at March's First Friday event! 
I strive to reach a level of ease - 'unconciousness' as the art world has told me - when I paint. 
Young kids have it. They paint as if no one is watching, have no preconceptions about 'skill', know no judgement. This is my zone. These were my people - and I can't wait to do it again!